Committed to patient care and safety. 

Apothecary & Co. is proud to have a dedicated USP 795 and USP 800 compounding lab. Our compounding pharmacist will customize formulations, both veterinary and human, to your individualized needs all while working with your physician.  We specialize in the areas of dentistry, pain, podiatry, pediatrics, dermatology, wound care, urology, and OB/GYN.

Unavailable Medication

Medications are often discontinued or not available from a manufacturer because of various reasons such as drugs recalls or shortages of the active ingredient.  If the medication is not available in a timely manner and our compounding pharmacy has access to the active ingredients, we may be able to formulate as desired.


Some people cannot tolerate certain dyes, sugars, lactose, alcohol, fragrances, and preservatives in commercially manufactured medications.  Do you need a product gluten free or dye free? Our compounding pharmacy has the ability to tailor the medications specifically to individual needs.


Chewable/Gummy Dosage Forms/Lollipops

We can formulate into palatable, easy to take dosage forms for any age.

Powder Capsules

This is optimal for oral dosing that requires the medication to be immediate or slow released.  

Creams, Ointments, PLO gels,  and Lotions

We have the access to create into many consistencies and strengths for topical applications. Many problems, such as a skin disease, require two or more medications to treat. It is likely that we can compound multi-ingredient preparations to ease the inconvenience of multi applications or administrations. This will thereby increase compliance.

Solutions and Suspension

Commercial preparations may not be available in low enough strengths and may not be very palatable for the pediatric population.  This dosage form may also benefit those who have trouble swallowing tablets and capsules.  We have a wide range of flavors available such as grape, strawberry, bubblegum, apple, cherry, and banana.

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