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Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Medication Solutions

Our compounding pharmacy specializes and individualizes medications tailored to the needs of all creatures great, small, domestic, or exotic. Commercial animal and human medications are often available in one size, strength, or dosage form that is often tricky to dose depending on the size and temperament of the animal. We can help make it easy to treat the most difficult patients.

If you are a veterinarian or a veterinarian’s representative, please contact us for a list of the most commonly prescribed veterinary compounded mediations and prices.

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Some animals cannot tolerate certain dyes, binders, and preservatives in commercially manufactured medications. Our compounding pharmacy has the ability to tailor the medications specifically to an animal's individual needs.

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Drug Forms and Delivery Devices

Transdermal PLO Gels

  • A novel way to administer a medication into a pet’s bloodstream by rubbing it into one or both ears or belly.

Chewable Treats

  • Available in two sizes for both dogs and cats in your pet’s favorite flavor.

Powder Capsules

  • For oral dosing that requires the medication to be immediate or slow released.

Creams, Pastes, and Lotions

  • Available in many consistencies and strengths for topical applications.

Solutions and Suspension

  • Preparations such as fluoxetine, methimazole, doxycycline are available in a requested flavor and concentration dependent on the type of animal.


  • Devices such as an accordion-like puffer are available to administer in hard-to-get places such as an ear canal.

Combination Medications

Many problems, such as a skin disease, require two or more medications to treat. It is likely that we can compound multi-ingredient preparations to ease the inconvenience of multi-applications or administrations.

Unavailable Medication

Medications are often discontinued from a manufacturer because of various reasons. If both the human and veterinary form is not available, our compounding pharmacy has access to the active ingredients and therefore are able to formulate as desired.