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Functional Medicine Consultation & Education

The first step on your journey to the best health is to learn what areas need to be improved. We offer functional medicine consultations to educate our patients and discuss a care plan that’s specific to your needs. We’ll take the time to go over your health history and help you learn which areas of your health need your support and attention. When you leave, you’ll have a better understanding of the steps you need to take on your wellness journey! Consultation services only for those who reside in Michigan.

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Hillary Howell

Meet Our

Hillary Howell, PharmD, FACA, CCN is a functional medicine practitioner that believes the importance of listening to a patient’s story. After her 20-year retail experience as a Doctor of Pharmacy, she saw the need to address the root cause rather than symptoms of each individual's concerns, while combining current trends in natural healthcare and science. Her areas of interest are Hormones, HPA Axis Dysfunction, Gut Health, and Thyroid.

What To Expect

Your first appointment will be 60-120 minutes, face-to-face, and we will work together to find a working solution. We will take the time to help educate you about what areas of your health need support and attention. Your care plan will be specific to your needs. Hillary is a low volume practitioner and is available to discuss concerns with you as they arise. No pressure, no sales, and no shortcuts — just the support you need to get back to a best version of you.

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Pricing Schedule

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Pricing Schedule

  • We are in the process of partnering with different alternative/integrative healthcare practitioners to provide classes and services.
  • If you or someone you know would like to collaborate, please contact us!

Free 15-minute discover call.

Meet Hillary and decide if moving forward is right for you.

$250 Functional Medicine Consultation (60-120 minutes)*.

This is an in-depth look at your health history. We will also go over any lab work or other testing you may have had in this appointment.

Follow-Up Appointments:

Test reading and supplement reviews - $100/hour (minimum of 1 hour)

Wellness Bundle ($325)

Initial consultation (90-120 min). Includes reading of blood work and saliva tests, plus 1 follow up visit (30-60 min).

Comprehensive Functional Medicine & Support Bundle ($550)

Initial consultation (90-120 min). Includes reading of blood work and saliva tests, plus 2 follow-up visits (30-60 min each). Includes VIP access to chat and email with our team, as well as access to our food logging platform.

VIP Exclusive Access Package $50 per month (must be a current client)

Unlock an unparalleled level of service and support with our VIP Exclusive Access Package. This premium option is designed for individuals who seek direct and personalized guidance on their journey. Includes direct email and chat access to our team. Have questions or need advice? As a VIP member, you gain exclusive email and chat access to us, ensuring you have the support you need, when you need it. Support is available during normal business hours. Messages will not be answered on evening or weekends. May take 24-48 hours for a reply