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Apothecary and Company’s own herbal apothecary, Olde Thyme Apothecary, seeks to connect our community with herbal medicine by providing raw materials, education and carefully crafted products. We believe in getting back to the fundamentals of your health by using natural and holistic solutions by offering loose herbs, tonics, tinctures, bitters, salves, teas, and much more. Come in and see what we have to offer!

Product Lines

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A system of 38 flower remedies discovered over 90 years ago by Dr Edward Bach. Dr Bach believed that illness is the effect of disharmony between body and mind. He sought out herbal alternatives to medicine after becoming frustrated with “ then modern medicine”.

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David Winston RH founded Herbalist and Alchemist in 1982 when he felt there were no quality herbal tinctures out in the market. His formulas are comprised of around 300 different herbs that he has found to work well depending on the patient’s condition.  He offers a wide range of tinctures from single herbs to complex formulas for anxiety and bitters.  


In 1847, Henry Thayer M.D. produced a line of herbal extracts for sale to medical professionals. Witch Hazel was very prominent among the 800 products that he offered and the company continues to use certified organic Witch Hazel to this day. They carry a wide variety of bath and beauty supplies as well as their famous Slippery Elm Lozenges.

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Medicinal Traditionals roots started with the infamous herbalist Rosemary Gladstar  and environmentalist Drake Sadler. Although she is no longer with the company, her original herbal formulas such as Throat Coat and Smooth Move are still used today. The company holds themselves to very high standards by using only the highest quality of herbs, managing a rigorous quality control program, and using their own herbalist’s formulation. 

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Founded in 2008 by Jovial King, Urban Moonshine is an organic Herbal Apothecary based out of Burlington, Vermont that is women-run. This company specializes in liquid herbal extracts with a focus on digestive bitters, herbal tonics, and everyday health remedies. Their products are certified organic with ingredients sourced domestically and from small farms if possible.  Urban Moonshine prides themselves in safety and efficacy, innovation, as well as having many herbal experts on staff.