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6 Unique Pharmacy Services Offered at Our Oxford Pharmacy

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Apothecary and Co - January 17, 2024

Here at Apothecary & Co., we are proud to be the first and only functional medicine pharmacy in Oxford, MI. That means we offer a number of unique services that are not available at most pharmacies. Keep reading to find out more about the unique services we offer at our Oxford pharmacy and how you can benefit from them.

1. Functional Medicine Consultation & Education

discussing health plan during functional medicine consultation

Our Oxford pharmacy utilizes functional medicine to help you along your journey toward better health. One of our unique pharmacy services is offering functional medicine consultations to educate patients about their health and to discuss a personalized treatment plan that’s specific to their individual needs. During the initial consultation, we will go over your health history and discover which areas of your health need support. We will then create a care plan tailored to you that will help you achieve improved wellness. This plan may include changes in diet, exercise, medications, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle.

2. Testing

One of the unique pharmacy services we are proud to offer at our Oxford pharmacy is testing. The testing we offer can help you better understand what’s going on in your body and discover which areas of your health need attention. You can utilize various testing to find answers to the questions you have about the state of your health. As we learn more about your health, we can formulate a customized care plan that focuses on the areas of your health that need attention so you can become your healthiest you. Our testing services include KBMO food sensitivity testing, Genova Diagnostics GI-MAP, Ulta Labs for blood testing, DUTCH Complete testing, ZRT saliva testing for hormones and cortisol, pharmacogenomics testing, and more.

3. Vitamins & Supplements

various vitamins and supplements on wooden spoons

If you want to achieve optimal wellness, you need to make sure you’re providing your body with the nutrients it needs. That’s why we offer vitamins and supplements at our Oxford pharmacy. Our goal is to make it easy for you to access the vitamins and supplements your body needs from brands you can trust. If you have any questions about which vitamins and supplements are right for you or you have concerns about drug-nutrient depletions, our knowledgeable pharmacy staff will be happy to help. You can also schedule a consultation for a prescription drug and supplement evaluation for a more comprehensive review of your prescription medications, vitamins and supplements, and your health goals.

4. Herbal Apothecary

Here at Apothecary & Co., we offer a pharmacy service that you won’t find at most pharmacies. Our Oxford pharmacy has its own herbal apothecary, Olde Thyme Apothecary, to help our community connect with herbal medicine. We offer a variety of raw materials and carefully crafted products, including loose herbs, teas, bitters, tonics, salves, tinctures, and more. You can also receive patient education on the use of herbs and natural remedies for medicinal purposes and how you can use herbal medicine to help you reach your health goals.

5. Veterinary Compounding

chihuahua taking chewable medication

One of the unique pharmacy services we offer at our Oxford pharmacy is veterinary compounding. Our compounding pharmacy is able to formulate veterinary medication solutions to meet the needs of all types of creatures, including both humans and animals. Commercial medications often come in only one size, strength, or dosage form, which can be difficult to use to properly medicate certain animals, especially those that are very large, very small, or temperamental. We can provide individualized medications specifically tailored to the needs of the creatures under your care. Some of the dosage forms that we can compound include chewable treats, transdermal PLO gels, powders, creams, pastes, lotions, powder capsules, solutions, and suspension.

6. Self Pay Pharmacy

Here at our Oxford pharmacy, we want to make sure our patients can afford the medications and care that they need. That’s why we became a self pay pharmacy. Because we don’t need to contract with insurance companies, we can focus on patient care and can often provide your medications at a comparable or lower cost. You can get the medications you need whether you are insured, underinsured, or non insured, as well as in the quantities you need. This means we can even offer routine maintenance medications for 6 to 12 months at a time if authorized by your prescriber. Our self pay pharmacy can benefit our veterinary patients as well, ensuring your pet’s prescriptions are filled promptly, accurately, and at an affordable price.

Improve Your Health with the Help of Our Oxford Pharmacy

These are some of the unique pharmacy services we offer here at our Oxford pharmacy. Our goal is help you achieve the best health possible through your prescription medications, specialized compounded medications, vitamins and supplements, medicinal herbs, essential oils, and much more. If you are interested in taking the next step toward improving your health and wellness, please reach out to Apothecary & Co. with any questions you have or to schedule a wellness consultation. We look forward to helping you on your journey toward your best health!

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